Eyelash Extension Training

FREE Eyelash Extension Training & Certification

At Lashes by Tina your success is our number one priority. To purchase Tina’s amazing product line you must complete the Lashes By Tina training course and become certified. Completing this two-day training and certification course is at no cost to you because our goal is to ensure the proper use of these products to help build your clientele.

Upon completion of your training you will have the skills and confidence to provide beautiful eyelash extensions to your clients. You must purchase the Training Kit prior to completing the course.

Who Can Register For This Eyelash Extension Training Course?

Tina’s training course is available to licensed Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), and anyone else with a Health Care Certificate. The eyelash extension training will ensure that you are equipped to use Lashes by Tina products properly to prevent damage to a clients natural lashes. Tina’s goal is to provide the best training and product line in the industry to be used by certified Lash Extension Specialists.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Simply put, an eyelash extension is just that – an extension. The extension is created by applying a semi-permanent single lash strand to each individual natural lash. Eyelash extensions will no doubt make your clients eyes more pronounced by enriching the length and volume of their natural lashes. No matter the size or shape of the eye, there is a lash style that will fit perfectly!