Welcome to Lashes by Tina

Lashes By Tina is a FREE eyelash extension application training course & lash supply store. Training will extensively go over how to correctly use all the products offered by Lashes by Tina to prevent damage to the client’s natural eyelashes. Register today and get certified! Students MUST purchase the training kit prior to taking the training course, but the training and certification are FREE!

Tina Newland has always had a passion for bringing beauty into the world, and has been a force in the beauty industry for almost 20 years. She was once a learning leader for hair nails and makeup and a learning leader for Prodigy, a 12 week program through Paul Mitchell. During this experience is where she learned that people enjoyed her personality and watching her design hair nails and makeup. Tina’s experience includes training with Pivot Point earning a certification as a licensed cosmetologist. Tina has 20 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and owner of Tina’s Hair & Nail Boutique and Lashes by Tina.

A Message From Miss Tina

Hello and thank you for your interest in this eyelash extension training course. I am Miss Tina, the owner of Tina’s Hair & Nail Boutique and Lashes by Tina’s Training Course & Products. I have been servicing the Colorado Springs community for a little over 19 years doing hair, nails and makeup! I have decided to share my experience with eyelash extension training because it is becoming more and more popular.

For this class I have developed a curriculum for a training course and certification for Lashes By Tina’s product line. The course consists of everything that students need to get hands-on experience with eyelash extensions application. In this class we will go over Theory and begin by practicing on mannequins. This course is a two day training course. The first day, we will go over Theory and then hands-on training with your mannequin. The second day we will work on two live models!

About The Product Line

This product line was created to give you the best experience possible while servicing your client in a safe and sanitary environment and to ensure that the eyelash extension artist is applying the eyelash extensions in the proper manner. I have put the best equipment in the students kit to ensure the student can grasp the training course and all classes are up to only six students at time to ensure the student gets personal hands-on training. After taking the Lashes by Tina training course, students will receive certification and are welcome to join Tina’s blog group to ask questions to other eyelash extension artists. It is a great community where everybody can provide helpful information to each other. I am always looking forward to meeting new and wonderful people!